Homestead Exemption Approved!

July 23, 2020 by No Comments

Thank you residents, businesses, and citizens of Mansfield on signing the Petition for Property Tax Relief Now.

Much to our relief, the City Council unanimously passed a 10% homestead exemption for the residents of Mansfield, giving Property Tax Relief Now!

I spoke last night at length to the council prior to their vote.  While there was push back on some of my points, overall it is clear, our message was received.  COVID has caused a great amount of economic uncertainty, and I expressed that we need to get relief to our residents, and businesses. 

That said, I was speaking at large about overall Property Tax Relief to our residents and businesses, not just as it relates to the homestead exemption.  Council was quick to make sure it was clear, a homestead exemption does not apply to businesses.  Which we of course know.  That is why this was only the start.  Our businesses and business owners need relief as well.  A reduction of our city tax rate is what our petition is about at it's core.  The greatest outcome of our petition is a combination of a tax rate reduction and the homestead exemption for our residents.  This also helps our business owners, especially those that not only have a business in our city, but live here as well.

In addition, today, I have sent comments to MISD School Board, asking them to continue to lower their property tax rates as they have over the past few years.  Tonight they vote on our school tax rate, which is part of our property tax bill every year. 

You are welcome to read my comments to MISD School board on my page.

Last night was a big win for the residents of Mansfield, and we did it together.

This is not the finality of this petition, this is the start, a much needed reduction in the city tax rate will come later this summer.  Please continue to refer friends, neighbors, businesses, and residents of Mansfield to our website petition sign-up at so we can make sure when we submit the results of the petition our voice is loud and clear to our City Council.

Thank you for your support to this much needed relief.  We will continue to give updates.

George Fassett, Jr. - Founder
Mansfield Families For Property Tax Relief Coalition

There is still a vote left on TAX RATE. Sign here if you haven't already for PROPERTY TAX RELIEF NOW!

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