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My day to day work right now is owning and operating a boutique business advisory and consulting company called Mebuis Business Advisors. I work with small to enterprise businesses, from individual owners, partners, private equity invested groups, and enterprise organizations at the executive level or departmental or organizational unit levels.

My work includes being a fractional or interim CEO, or being a key advisor to the executive level team or the owners of the business, or simply coming in to build or complete a project that might be in their minds eye, moth balled, or in struggle. Most of the time I start with an Assessment of the business which is likely to include financials, processes, employees and key stakeholders, interviews, competitive analysis, market analysis, and workshops. Once I complete the Assessment, I build out a strategic plan to accomplish the scope of work I was challenged with. That plan is then given to the client along with a retained services proposal that will engage me to work over a period of months or years to execute that plan with the team.

Projects have included to date:
A non-profit strategic consulting company (which is a for-profit company that works only with non-profits). A woman owned business. In the past 3 years we have grown her company about 2.25x it’s size, prior to COVID being on track for over 3x it’s size. While a great deal of work and execution came from her and her team, it was a plan I built, and have worked hand-in-hand as well to execute under retained services. I am still engaged in this project.

A garment decoration company whom the owner had unexpectedly passed away called me to come in and help pull the business which had gone in disarray back together. We worked on overall organizational structure, the shop/warehouse floor, supply chain management, and implementing lean operational effectiveness for order processing, art approvals, inventory and supply chain receiving, rack and pallet bin and picking systems, efficient order fulfillment to optimize floor capacity, QA and then outbound order shipment and tracking. We put in new technology solutions at each machine, and stage of the order and process, reduced bottle-necking, and finally able to get metrics throughout the entire order life cycle. We found them a new CEO, and my part has been finished, for now anyways.

A fin-tech company who had a moth-balled text-marketing project. I was brought in to bring it to life, get behind the adoption hurdles, place the technology and integration to current loan client database to include metrics on repayments, grading those who paid, paid early, paid on time, and paid in full. Sending texts then to a sample set of such of about 1200 on the first week, resulting in over 200 new loans. Trained and had adoption of the new advertising channel in the organization. Project completed.

Working directly with an IT management company out of Chicago much like my prior IT management company I owned for 22 years. Again an Assessment was done and a strategy plan was put in place for growth. Over the past two years we have not only grown the organization, we have stabilized the organizational structure, re-branded the organization, and build new business processes for sales, pipeline, account management, deliverables quality, and built a team of people ready to take the organization to the next level. I am still engaged in this project.

An oil and gas group wanted to build a “smart” box that was connected to an analytics engine in the cloud to maximize production of mature oil wells. They had Private Equity investment and accomplished a prototype of the box. They called me when they decided on wanting to custom build a theoretical business intelligence system that would not only use the metrics that could now be collected from the smart box at the oil well head, but to cross that data with other financial, land, historical production, capex, fluid hauls, and pumper input data giving well owners and their management group true intelligence on their oil and gas business. They wanted to be able to sell access to this intelligence system online, giving each organization their own “instance”, and securely offering this as a service to other organizations. They gave me a single chart of functionality as well as some hand drawn “sketches” of the screens as they saw them in their mind. I did an assessment for budget, team, requirements, infrastructure, an accelerated timeline (which was a requirement), and the strategy to execute it. They approved the project and I built a team from programmers and platform, to Azure services architecture, to data processing specialists, and graphic design. We pushed through and delivered a working Software as a Service (SaaS) product inside of 9 months. They are now stabilizing the system for enterprise release of version 1.0. While it certainly is being beta tested now, due to the aggressive timelines, this project is considered a great success.

My business which is located in a suite in Pantego, Texas is comprised of myself, my mother for office management and light bookwork, and an intern, Conner Clayburn who attends University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) for business information systems.

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